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Men’s Fashion Winter 2015: The Machiavellian

Menswear this season is all about the many faces of man: corporate warrior, defiant rebel, laid back prep kid and renegade rock star. Guest stylist Dale McKie and photographer Victor Low explore this theme with The Machiavellian story, featuring Chadwick models rising star Thomas Taylor. Hair by Michael Johnson for The Ritualist using and face by Sammy Hawkins using Illamasqua.

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I don’t respect you. And I don’t agree.

Dear Anti-Marriage-Equality Cunts, In Australia, if the surveys are not as biased at Fred Nile thinks they are (which I’d suggest they are not), the majority of the community supports the notion that gay people are not second class citizens and as such, should be legally allowed to get married. We are not asking to get out of paying tax like the bible bashers and mining magnates out there. We don’t even want to be special, have any privileges that straight people can’t enjoy or even have straight people involved in any way in our marriages at all. In fact, if you don’t support marriage equality, I don’t want you in my near vicinity, let alone my marriage. Why? Because your ‘opinion’ that ‘marriage is between a man and a woman’ has nothing to do with men and women marrying, even though it is phrased in the positive. After all, […]

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The Innovators at Sydney Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016

There is something especially inspiring about the new faces of fashion. Each designer’s different take on pop-culture, history, and experimentation is what drives ‘innovation’ within the industry. If the 142 Instagram posts for #MBFWA tell us anything at all, it’s that Australia’s Fashion Week is still as fascinating as it was twenty years ago. Until next year, my blistered feet bid adieu.

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The White Shirt Story: Part Two

The white blouse can be light and floating, impeccable and austere, sumptuous and all-enveloping, tight and close-fitting…Imputed with glamour and poetry, freedom and impetuousness, the white shirt turns out to have a thousand identities – Gianfranco Ferré

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Red Carpet Burns: Part One

Gary came to me from an interview I did with a former drug addict turned Hollywood fitness trainer called High Voltage – seriously, that was her name. While interviewing High Voltage about training celebrities and her new hit book called Energy Up! which outlined her philosophy on eliminating the three ‘white’ evils in your diet: salt, sugar, flour, she mentioned she saw her psychic for advice, a lot.

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Guy Grooming with Mens Hairdresser of the Year Finalist Michael Johnson

Our editor-in-chief and mens grooming writer, Michael Johnson, was announced a finalist in the Hair Expo Mens Hairdresser of the Year awards in Sydney last night. The oscars for hair are highly prestigious and this year marks Hair Expo’s 30th year running. The PROGRESSION collection was styled in partnership with cult Swedish brand SACHAJUAN, which has been making waves since launching in Australia recently. Michael believes that SACHAJUAN is the perfect partner for his haircuts, which feature longer hair looks and a return to texture and movement in hair, moving away from the concrete Don Draper styles of recent times. So what are his hot tips for guys? “I think all men need a great cleanser like SACHAJUAN Normal Hair Shampoo which will remove product build up and nourish the hair. Then for a natural look, add some SACHAJUAN Styling Cream to well towel dried hair, rake with your fingers into […]

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How to travel the world with just carry-on luggage

Pictured: the author with everything she owns for the next few years. No, you didn’t read that wrong. While there will be, no doubt, exceptions to the rule, there’s something immeasurably satisfying in condensing an entire life down to the essentials and conveniently hauling oneself across time zones with only hand luggage.  No stiff shoulders from being over-encumbered like an Elder Scrolls character.  No “What if they lose my baggage?” panic attacks at the airport baggage claim.  No separation anxiety for long and rickety bus rides across rural India while your bag (read: life) is stowed out of sight and unsecured. I’m starting to think that I’m a peculiar traveller: equal parts whimsically commitment phobic, while being utterly Type A.  The latter means that I do like to be organised, schooled up on where I’m going, and have my affairs in order before I land.  But, departing Australia indefinitely does mean […]

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How to wash your hair.

I am finding a common problem in that they have a shampoo/condition technique or habit that is causing stress to their hair and/or scalp. In their defence though, unless you wash other people’s hair for a living like I do, nobody bothers to ever really show you how to use shampoo and conditioner correctly. The back of a shampoo bottle is irritatingly brief on the subject and generally encourages you to use more product, therefore buy more shampoo (what a surprise!).

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Aerial Love Smells Like….

Maybe he was still trying to prove after all the years that despite the fact the first half of his band name was a misspelt Nirvana song that he wasn’t actually a Nirvana fan? Either that or his ego has grown to be bigger than I’d thought possible.

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She cried, then left the party.

On Monday, the famous party crying Lesley Gore, died of cancer aged only 68. She captured the zeitgeist of the 1960s youth culture with, in particular, the youth anthem ‘It’s My Party’ and the feminist anthem ‘You Don’t Own Me’. Here at Uncommon Lot HQ, we’ve been having a Gore-fest in her honour. RIP Lesley Gore.

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Your world isn’t real. Well, at least mine isn’t.

I got to thinking…. Those cringe-worthy words uttered at the beginning of every Sex and the City episode captivated me in the 1990s. But when watching Carrie Bradshaw re-runs, I am struck by this overwhelming sense of just how irrelevant anyone’s thoughts and feelings are to those around them and just how arrogant it is to assume the opposite. In ‘real life’ however, as proven by the success of Sex and the City, sometimes one’s own self-importance can match the perception held by those around them. Examples of this are not hard to find: the narcissistic Hollywood actress who believes she is superior or uniquely special in life, as to her millions of fans. Or, perhaps, the arrogant dadaist; he who believes that simply modifying an iconic work of Renaissance Realism is groundbreaking, as do many in the art world and beyond who have studied, enjoyed and praised his works. It would seem […]

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The Golden Globes: Hollwood Gliteratti or Year 12 Formal?

After Kim K announced via twitter that her and Kanye had taken the first steps toward creating her 2015 fashion ‘vision’, I had hoped Hollywood’s finest would have followed suit on the night that kicked off the 2015 awards season: the Golden Globes.  Alas, I was sorely disappointed. Emily Blunt looked like she was attending a Year 12 Formal, Keira Knightley’s dress was surely decorated by the child in her womb, Rosamund Pike should still be on maternity leave (or should have worn a dress with some visible means of support), whilst the rest of the attendee’s were too boring to inspire any wit (spoiler alert: Jennifer Aniston wore black…again). No wonder Amal Alamuddin could barely tolerate the evening’s futile shenanigans. (Did anybody else take note of her facial expressions during the ceremony?!? Priceless.) In the midst of all this, Diane Kruger was the definition of understated elegance.  The subtle […]

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Actual Slut

Two male friends of mine recently experienced their first threesome with a girl. Naturally, our collective social group leapt unapologetically into scrutinising the details we had been told, like a less interesting episode of Law and Order. Each piece of the witness testimony was examined, and the typical blokey embellishments were scrutinised by an audience that had no patience for falsehoods. However, it took only one stray comment before the focus was shifted, somewhat superfluously, to the girl at the (potentially literal) centre of the encounter. The comment in question derived from Chris, an old acquaintance of mine (with moderate friendship status) who declared as more comment than question: “She’s an actual slut, though, yeah?” There was an uncomfortable beat. Then another. Then, from me: “What the fuck do you mean by ‘actual slut’, Chris?” He fumbled to justify his judgement, while our other dining companions looked on with amusement, […]

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Thank Your English Teacher

English is one of those subjects you either love or hate. Interestingly, even if you hated English, in my experience you always remember your English teacher. They tend to have a great reputation with students, however, thanks to some unorthodox methods; this reputation tends to get us into trouble with the authorities. Watch any inspirational film about teachers – more often than not, they’re English teachers. Robin Williams sprouting “Carpe Diem” in Dead Poet’s Society or Michelle Pfeiffer breaking stereotypes with Dylan Thomas poetry in Dangerous Minds.   These films and the students we teach inspire teachers like me to get up every morning and approach each day with enthusiasm. Understanding young people comes naturally to anyone who loves literature – if you read that many books you cannot be without empathy and an acute sense of the human experience.   “But I don’t want comfort. I want God, I […]

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Questioning my sexuality at Max’s Bakehouse

Okay I’m no food critic, nor an expert in Lebanese cuisine, but I can tell you that if you have never visited Max’s Bakehouse on Frederick St in Rockdale, then you are not as happy as I am. Case closed. The website shows only their night-time menu and they sell themselves as the local pizza delivery joint, but the discerning Bexley local (usually 6am tradies) knows the full extent of Max’s secret goodness. The Spinach and Fetta ‘Pockets’ that sell out by about 9am. Popular in several countries within the Middle East, the fatayer (or pie) is usually filled with meats, cheeses and/or spinach. Fatayer bi Sabanekh is my deliciousness of choice and Max’s does not fail to disappoint! At three of these plump pies for an obscene $5 you can see Max’s philanthropic side. Surely, it costs more than $5 for the ingredients alone? Surely, they could charge $20 for three and retire […]

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Are the 1990s Back?

So you may think this is merely a nostalgic walk down memory lane, but since we all know how cyclic fashion is, and how ‘ironic’ + hip 90s trends have been over the past few years, I thought it was time to take a look at some of the 90s hair that is very wearable now! While the finishing on the looks can be a bit dated, they definitely provide for some fab inspiration as a reference point! 1. The Winona Ryder Pixie a la Girl Interrupted  This look blew me away the first time round with strong nods to the 60s (as per the period the film is set in). Love the elfin crop and if you are already wearing a short bob or graduated bob and have the right face shape for it then this could be the makeover you’ve been waiting for! Go on, take the plunge! […]

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Bad Gal Riri – Yay or nay?

Whilst others occupy their minds with questions surrounding Gaza, Malaysian Airlines, or the latest political shitstorm that provides yet another reason to spread hate about the Australian government via a facebook status update (ahem, michael…..) I would rather ponder life’s greater unanswered mysteries – why everybody has become “gay4rihanna”. What follows is my attempt to settle a debate that has plagued my mind since Rihanna received the 2014 CFDA Fashion Icon Award….@BADGALRIRI: YAY OR NAY? the NAY…. 1. Her blatant rejection of undergarments when deemed necessary by social mores: “If i’m wearing a top, I don’t wear a bra.” (Rihanna in Vogue, 2014) Plain and simple, I’m just not a fan.  It bothers me that fripples are not an ever present concern. They should be. 2. Y’all seem to forget about the formative years.  “Fashion fades, style is eternal” rings true with respect this bad gal.  For me, the following […]

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Bec & Bridge: Australian Fashion Royalty

Bec & Bridge give me hope that the forcible socialising I have to endure at university (aka ‘group assignments’) will someday prosper into a savvy and lucrative business arrangement involving the production of fabulous clothing loved by celebrities (and normal humans) the world over. Seems like a far-fetched dream, right? Wrong.  Bec & Bridge are an Australian fashion power-duo who met whilst studying a Bachelor of Design and later launched their eponymous label in 2003. I can’t say that I am truly proud of many ‘Aussie’ things (I mean faeces coloured yeast extract in a jar? Delicious, but nasty) However, B&B is an exception.  When Miranda Kerr, Rose Byrne, Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Nicole Richie, Chanel Iman, every female member of the Kardashian clan, and MORE are sporting these garments on the regular – you know you’re on to something. B&B is the perfect combination of everyday staples and luxe red carpet […]

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The Perfect Hair Colour for your Skintone

Have you ever had a colour done that just feels wrong? So many people out there, DIY enthusiasts and some professional hairdressers, think choosing the right hair colour for your skin is a game of luck….and as a result I’m sure you’ve had that awful experience where a colour was meant to go fantastically well, it might have looked great in the celebrity photo you used as a reference, but it just didn’t turn out! When I started out hairdressing I worked as a colour specialist (jam packed days running through more aluminium foil then I care to admit…ahem…sorry landfill) and I was lucky enough to work under a fantastic Colour Director who trained us like a Fascist Dictator!! But what I did learn was the really easy way to think about hair colour, and while there are many nuances to consider as a pro, for you at home flicking […]

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Summer Hair Trends 2015

So we are already well into the 2015 and know doubt many of you have made some New Year’s resolutions. Chatting with my clients the usual suspects are there: weight loss, drinking less, quitting smoking, more exercise and of course be more successful in our business/work/life etc. But what about your hair resolutions for 2015? A change is as good as a holiday so I have collected a few inspiring images that I think will inspire some hair change in all of you! Most of these images are an extension or metamorphosis of what we were wearing last year, and they all focus on what I consider to be a key themes for this year – firstly a nod in the direction of a 60s (read: 80s) revival, combined with the return of TEXTURE. Still with us: The “Gamine” crop Nothing screams cool as much as this textured crop for the ladies. Think of working […]

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La-Nena: A force to be reckoned with

Having worked with trailblazer Nena Salobir on her iconic Wasted Magazine it was such a surprise/pleasure to stumble across her website while randomly googling for creative inspiration today. Nena is clearly a creative genius (just browse through her work on the page, which is almost an art installation in itself), and offers herself as a fully-integrated “person” to brave clients. Check out her site if you want to think outside the box, or simply to enjoy looking at and thinking about her beautiful work. People like Nena make me love the equalising nature of the internet, since it is through this medium that real talent can be exposed, irrespective of who you know (or, often in the advertising world, the mandatory requirement of a penis and some old fashioned ideas).

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Bad TV Can Happen To Hot People

Okay I need to come clean about something and at the risk of inviting your disdain, I’m just going to spit it out. I have a completely intoxicating obsession with Kat Dennings. You know Kat Dennings right? That ‘ebony-tressed, pillow-lipped, villainously-voluptuous screen siren’? Or maybe you prefer ‘alabaster-skinned beauty with the kind of sex appeal that makes one a paragon of buxom beauty’? Yes, I thought so. As you know, Kat Dennings is the kind of woman whose unabashed flaunting of cleavage and caboose makes you renounce your well-practiced diet and gorge on cronuts with wanton abandon (and much Nigellaesque lip smacking). But bad TV can happen to the hottest of people. Unfortunately, Kat Dennings suffers from terrible circustances: starring in the lowest-of-the-low-brow ‘comedy’ Two Broke Girls. While I wish I could describe the show as ‘wilfully-misunderstood’, the truth of the matter is that it’s just arse-cringingly awful. No, seriously. It’s just bad. Yet, no one […]

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To Braid or Not to Braid: Get the Summer Hair Trends at Home

Now this has been an ongoing debate between myself and Paris, our fashion editor and braid devotee, not to mention the braiding frenzy that seems to occur at the slightest suggestion of ‘summer’ or when various fashion editors decide that equestrian/kaftan/pretty summer dresses/ghetto fabulous looks are…yet again… the ‘in thing’. In light of this I think it is a good time to establish a few braiding Dos and Don’ts. There is a very fine line in my view, and no doubt Paris and others disagree, between looking effortlessly stylish with your braiding, and looking like you have the head of a strange infant on top of the body of an adult woman. For this reason, pigtails are always on the don’t list! Here are two examples two key braiding trends at the Spring/Summer 14/15 Shows and how best to interpret the looks at home! RUNWAY LOOK #1  –  THE DISTRESSED FISHTAIL SEEN […]

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Rose McGowan is Right: Gay Men Do Hate Women

A couple of weeks ago in an interview with conservative gay author Bret Easton Ellis, Rose McGowan made the following commentary from her own experience: Gay men are as misogynistic as straight men, if not more so. I have an indictment of the gay community right now, I’m actually really upset with them….You wanna talk about the fact that I have heard nobody in the gay community, no gay males, standing up for women on any level?….Women, by and large, have very much helped the gay community get to where they are today….And I have seen not a single peep from these people, who supposedly represent lesbians as well….I see now people who have basically fought for the right to stand on top of a float wearing an orange Speedo and take Molly. Since then, Rose has been the one ‘indicted’ by (what seems to be mostly) gay men because she dared to […]

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New Year, New Hair

This year has disappeared, just like the last, and it feels like everyone is behind schedule – especially with getting their summer hair look sorted! In the studio, my clients are all ready for change and have been asking me what some of the key looks for SS15 down under will be, so I thought I’d share my thoughts and check in with Celebrity Colourist and Toni&Guy Technical Director Richi Grisillo for some expert colour advice as well. Richi, a favourite among Sydney’s A-List, has been busy preparing the Australian launch of Toni&Guy’s latest London collection Lexicon (tomorrow night) while continually evolving his take on the essential summer colour palette. I for one am truly inspired by Richi’s creative direction and there is no doubt we will be seeing his work on some of our favourite style makers this season. Therefore, collaborating with Richi on this essential summer hair guide […]

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A Hindu Christmas?

I’m still trying to coax the melted white chocolate out of my eyebrows and my favourite jeans have ended up sporting, not only a nice thick coat of flour, but the distinct appearance of a bloody crime scene (a.k.a. the raspberries that profusely bled all over them). Since December 24th, the oven has raised the temperature of our kitchen to something that feels post-apocalyptic. This, I think, is what they call Christmas. How it all began… Seven days ago, my mother announced that we were having a picnic on Christmas day. We all looked stunned, although according to her, it’s not actually that startling at all. Apparently, by her sometimes strategic recollection, ‘we’ve had Christmas picnics before, at least once or twice!’ My cousin and I looked at each other and frowned in disbelief. ‘The last time we did anything for Christmas,’ she snorted, ‘we went to see Slumdog Millionaire […]

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Summer Style 2015: The Official Australian Trend Report

At Mercedes-Benz Sydney Fashion Festival, the Town Hall was home to 62 designers showcasing the hottest items from their newest collections. Despite this fashion tsunami, yours truly was there, ear-bling-a-blazin’, madly sorting the amazing from the tragic. If you can imagine me between shows devouring a…well, more than one…free fashion goodie bag cookie over an iPad mini, all while yelling ‘gross’ and/or ‘whyyyyy,’ then you’ve got a pretty accurate picture!   These key trends made their way into most of the #mbffsydney collections, from designers such as Phoenix Keating, Bec&Bridge, Alex Perry and Ae’lkemi.  WHITE ON WHITE It makes for a terrifying life choice, but lord does it look amazing. ARCHITECTURAL AESTHETIC It’s all about the structures and the lines. According to my runway notes, it’s also about the ‘flouncy skirt things’. Intrigued? I should think so. METALLIC It’s it time to invest in a pair of Kylie Minogue gold hot pants […]

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Philip Barwick: Editorial Hair Stylist & Sydney Fashion Week Regular

Above: Philip Barwick, Redken Global Artist and owner of MUSE My favourite look from #mbffsydney Fashion Festival this year had to be the simple yet perfectly executed low ponytail worked for the Red Carpet Runway on Friday night. Philip Barwick of Muse Hairdressing in Surry Hills directed the team of Redken Artists in a look he described as one of the most complimentary shapes you can give yourself if considering an up do. Considering the way the look held its own throughout the evening (and multiple changes/shows) we can see why this man is highly sought after both locally and stateside to direct shows for the whos-who of fashion. What is Philip’s hot tip for achieving this look at home? 1. Make sure you use a tail comb to achieve the low ‘knife edge’ part worked on the models for the show. 2. Take it section by section starting at the nape […]

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Sydney Fashion Week Trend Report: Architectural Aesthetic

Structure ruled the runway at Sydney Fashion Festival and the pieces we love the most fit with that kind of forgiving firmness that makes you order that dessert (or two of them…to yourself).  While ‘structure’ may be the obvious name for this trend, I am as #farshun as they come, so thought it best to dabble in some alliteration as a testament both to my high school English teacher and to the amazing designers involved.  So here is my take on Architectural Aesthetic. No doubt my notes taken during the show were as thorough and brilliant as I imagine Grace Coddington’s to be; yet the meaning of some of my more obscure prophecies remains somewhat unclear.  Although I’ve been kind enough to translate my ramblings for you, my original thoughts are included just in case there is something there that you may understand. If so, can you explain it to […]

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Sydney Fashion Week Trend Report: Metallics Are King

It’s official.  Channelling Goldmember is now a thing.  Givenchy did it, Saint Laurent did it.  At #mbffsydney, metallic palettes were a hit with Karla Spetic, Kahlo, Macgraw, and Alannah Hill. IMAGES: Paris Fashion Week saw Givenchy and Saint Laurent jump on board (above); Dolce&Gabbana prepared the army of gold-clad models that stormed the catwalk in Milan (below-left); New York favourite Diane von Furstenburg showed us gold in her signature style (below) and Tom Ford teamed exquisite gold against black leather for fetish inspired collection in London.   Now since we love all that glitters, style contributors Paris Donnelly and Michael Johnson have prepared the following key pieces that can be incorporated into any outfits this spring – a little less drab and a lot more bling! Michael loves…gold, gold gold! Art Deco Elegance in Johanna Johnson’s Muse Collection Johanna Johnson’s Paddington Boutique has long been the evening gown staple for the […]

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Britney, Beards, Bullshit & Boomers

Just when you thought ISIS, mandatory detention or the rising prison population were the biggest things to be worried about, we jump onto the REALLY big issues and get you the answers to those questions that have, no doubt, been troubling you for some time. Much like Sesame Street, we thought we’d keep things organised by letter – which gives a thrill to those of you with an alphabetically ordered bookshelf and means that we got to use a Sesame Street image somewhere on Uncommon Lot. To help us out, regular contributor Marie Iskander, along with Lea-Ann Suthern, Artistic Director for Toni&Guy Newtown, team up with Michael Johnson to comment on the hard-hitting issues of today. Take a look…. Topic 1: Britney Is Britney’s only chance of a comeback another head-shave? MI: Britney has never left me. MJ: The head shave was very severe BUT she did get to fuck […]

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How I Became a Hair Snob

10 Things I Never Thought I’d Know About Hair Winston Ang is an IT guy, web designer and hair & beauty e-commerce guru – not exactly your cookie-cutter beauty blogger right? In this blog for he hopes to shed some light on the life of being the partner in a hairdressing business, and how much his perspective on things has changed. Yup, if you are on a bus or train with Winston these days … he is probably judging you. 1. You can’t just have any cut or colour you want. Okay this one seems obvious to me now, but I never realised how important it is for your haircut to complement the shape of your face. A bob will just not work for some people, and it seems that lots of these people are wearing them anyway. I’ve actually started noticing that I critique people’s hairstyles on the train, thinking […]

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Thank Fuck For My Hairdresser

As my hairdresser knows all too well, I am rather uncoordinated. This means that I am not great at ball sports and rather crap at doing my hair. But, over the years I have tried my best to get certain hair ‘looks’ and be, as they say in the fashion world, ‘on-trend’. I try, but these efforts are usually to my disappointment and the general amusement of my family and friends. I have been known to fall victim to some inadvisable hair trends. Thus, herewith, my three most notable misadventures in hair styling (don’t sit there and judge you KNOW you did these, or at least one of these too….right?). “Worms” (circa 2000) When I was 12, worms were all the rage. You’d pop your hair into a ponytail and then twist sections of the ponytail into worm like mini buns and secure with a butterfly clip. The sparklier/glitterier/brighter the […]

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Cutting Your Own Hair Pays Off

Let’s face it. I’m kind of boring. My Friday nights are more likely to involve novellas than nightclubs. I get more excited by high tea than tequila. Did I mention I study law? Yeah. Boring. Nonetheless, I do occasionally make an attempt to convince my peers – and let’s face it, myself –that I am pretty exciting and rebellious deep down. For this, I use my hair as my canvas – a chance to prove that I may not be completely devoid of personality by torturing my locks with bleaches, dyes and peroxides.  While hair colour was my drug of choice way back when, these days I have found a new little addiction to add to my Friday night novella-thon. It is called the DIY undercut and I must confess, I may have found my new calling. But first, back to how it all began… [director’s note: insert nostalgic dream […]

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Reinvent Your Look in 2015

Tipping my hat to luck, experience and circumstance, I’ve been invited to give my take on personal style for uncommon lot, but must confess that I’m a little out of practice. Having had the chance to talk about fashion and beauty for what feels like a lifetime online, I had unwittingly checked myself in to the figurative home for the aged fashion blogger, ready to retire and live off the proceeds of my earlier years. It seems that the universe had other plans for me. Despite what interviews and some of my blogs might suggest, I grew up in a world that lacked the fashion luxury that I’m only now becoming accustomed to. It’s funny how hindsight shows us how much simpler our lives were back then. As the token-wallflower-middle-child with a big sister, my style choices were limited to hand-me-downs and the clothes that my mum would buy for me. […]

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Flaws And All, That’s Me

To the acquaintance who suggested I was bulimic because I sometimes went to the bathroom after lunch; To the mother of a high-school boyfriend, who asked me when I was going to get my pigeon-toed walk fixed; To the girls who mocked the way I spoke, likening me to the pedophile from Family Guy, until I left a party in tears; Fuck you. I’m sick of the way that self-loathing, and all the heady analyses it incites, has seeped into every facet of civilisation.  This new era of hyper self-criticism is not limited specifically to women, though they are the predominant victims.  People from all walks of life can be found second-guessing individual features their appearance, noticing something about their body, and then, in the split second after, trying to make a judgement of something that does not demand it: “Wait, is this ‘good’ or ‘bad’?” And it’s hard, isn’t […]